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Who We Are?

Born to contribute to the limitation of plastic waste, Vietnam Eco Products was founded in 2019 as an eco-friendly products supplier. We provide natural root products: bamboo straws, grass straws, bamboo toothbrushes...which bring people a more sustainable lifestyle and awareness to sustainable products.

At Vietnam Eco Products we believe that bringing natural products into your home, office, coffee shop not only increases your quality of life, It also helps us protect our environment. We are the local farmers with a mission: to bring eco-friendly products to the community to create more comfortable, attractive, and productive places to live and work.

Our Promise:
Our prior focus is on bringing the green and sustainability solution to everyone and creating environments that successfully incorporate nature into human needs to make greener and more limited plastic products.

We have rooted ourselves in our mission to replace plastic products with our natural root products quite literally, back into a world where plastic garbage has filled up and the earth is hard to come by.

Our expertly curated collection of products filled with a variety of your daily needs from a daily coffee cup to have a small salad on Sunday morning, which assists you in sustainable and no plastic life and save our beautiful earth.

We work hard to package exceptional quality at an unbeatable price. We listen carefully to your questions and to your goals for selecting suitable items.

If you are curious about us or have a question about our products, contact us. We respond to emails within 24 hours on weekdays.


Address: 50 Ton That Dam, ward Nguyen Thai Binh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city



Phone number: +84 (0) 372 133 770

WhatSapp: +84 372 133 770


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