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Grass Straw - Eco-Friendly Disposable Drinking Straw

In today’s world, the most concerning problem is the devastating effects of single-use plastic on our planet. You will be shocked to know this: There are more than 2 billion plastic straws (2,000,000,000) that are used a day and throw away into our environment. And it is killing our ocean, this is really serious!

Aware of that serious problem, here in Vietnam we have researched and found a real solution: Grass Straw. 

Grass straws are made from the Leropina grass, which is locally known as “co bang”, grows around the Mekong Delta region in southwestern Vietnam. Leropina grass is easily planted and has a perfect round structure. The sedge grass has a hollow stem, making it perfect for use as a natural straw, that is the reason why these grasses are a great alternative solution to plastic straws.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Grass Straw is a perfect alternative for plastic straws! Kindly see below to know more about what our grass straws offer:  

Perfect for any kind of beverages: Coconut water, coffee, juice, milk, tea... They will be perfect for your own business, coffee shop, restaurant, parties, or outdoor camping with your family.

Fully plant-based and biodegradable (100% chemical-free)

  Completely decomposed within 6 months

Perfect for hot & cold drinks, NEVER soggy

✅ Do not change the taste of drinks 

A better alternative to paper/rice straws, which may degrade in liquid.

Are you curious about the processes to make a Grass Straw? 

Each grass straw is made from a single piece of organic Leropina grass and gone the processes below:  
Step1: Handling the material
The grass is carefully harvested from grass fields in rotation. We choose to cut the highest quality grasses whilst maintaining an ecological balance.
Step2: Clean the straws.
We take off the husk at the lower part of the plant and brushing the outside surface with a special sponge.
Step3: Cut to size.
We cut it with the standard size of 20cm (8 inches) or the size of the client’s requirement. We do this by hand so we can be sure the tips don’t break or cut and are safe to sip from.  
Step 4: Clean inside the straws.
After classified size, the straws will be cleaned inside with a special, thin, spiral tool. This step takes patience, care, and time.
Step 5: Drying on the oven and sterilized with UV light
- Drying process occurs in 8 hours in the oven ensures our straws are totally dry, sterilized, and free from contamination.
 - Our process of the dried straw did not use any form of chemical cleaning agent. We used saline water and dried it by vacuum sterilization before passing through UV light.
Step 6: Check products quality
The straws are checked at the QA step to remove defective products during the production process.
Step 7: Package and store in a low humidity room. 
The standard grass straw will be store at a dry and moderate temperature place providing the most appropriate conditions and we also store here the ready products)
Hygiene and Health Safety 

Storage instructions: Please preserve the straws in dry places. 

Are you interested in these Eco Drinking Straws? 

we are supplying huge and small quantities to some countries in the world. If you want to distribute these eco friendly drinking straws, please don't hesitate to ping us! 

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