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The Benefits of Organic, Sustainable Bamboo Straws

Browsing Facebook I found an incredible, innovative company producing organic, sustainable bamboo straws in Vietnam.

Stay for a second in front of the ocean and have a proper look at it. Have you ever noticed it?
I am afraid it gets polluted daily because of us, and do you know what? No matter what, today there are more than 2 billion plastic straws in the waste in the world within A DAY!

Therefore, this amazing new company called VEP (Vietnam Eco Products) was born to contribute to the limitation of plastic waste, introducing their most favorite product: Bamboo Straw. Their motto is “We act together, we smile together!”.

organic bamboo straws

Bamboo straws benefits

So let me give you more information:
 –  Material: made of 100% natural bamboo from Vietnam.
 –  100% reusable.
 –  Size from small to big (4mm-13mm) that can serve all the normal drinks (even boba tea, milk tea)
 –  Free from chemicals.
 –  Crafted from a natural stem of durable bamboo which was processed throughout 8 steps:
           1. Harvest the bamboo tree then dry it naturally under the sunlight for a few days.
           2. Cut down to size.
           3. Gets sanded, filed, and etched to give it a smooth and natural touch.
           4. Clean the straw with pressurized water.
           5. Boil the straw with water at 100 degrees.
           6. Clean the straw with pressurized water.
           7. Dry it again by the dryer machine.
           8. Check the quality, remove the substandard products and do packaging.

And, that’s it!
Would you like to join us to limit plastic straws usage? Just please let us know!

bamboo straws

Here are their details:
Phone number: +84 372 133 770
Whatsapp: +84 372 133 770 
Facebook: Vietnam Eco Products

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