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Coconut Bowls


 When do you think of the coconut? What‘s the first word on your mind? Absolutely coconut oil, coconut beverage, copra, shell, and coconut candle, coconut bowl. Coconuts probably originated from tropical countries: Indonesia, Vietnam, Thai Lan. 

Coconut is a beneficial plant with a wide range of products sourced from it, from the fresh beverage, coconut oils from copra. Coconut oil is a popular ingredient in beauty products for its moisture and texture. We bring a wide range of products to recycle from coconut shells and fiber. 

Sustainable coconut bowl and spoon!

 Coconut bowls handcrafted from the discarded shells of natural coconuts. These incredible bowls are organic and safe to use for multiple purposes. Try a smoothie bowl for breakfast, a healthy salad for lunch, a vegetable pasta dish for dinner, and a snack for break time. 




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