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Are you looking for a unique gift for your friend or a particular item for a special day? The elegant handmade gifts are designed for your special lovers, friend, and family and are the perfect combination of unique and thoughtful.

 At VEP, we offer a vast collection of unique gifts for any yearly occasion: Birthday, Christmas, wedding, graduation, or just a gift to appreciate your business partner. 

Bamboo Pen and Wooden Pen: 


Personalized gift: 

Considering these great gifts with your personalized quote is not a bad idea for your receivers. It's a gorgeous engraved bamboo pen for your teacher, student, or your son. It is perfect with the pen holder, easy to use, or show in the workspace. The bamboo pen and case are masterfully hand-woven by skilled artisans from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Top Wooden Models 

wooden shipmodel ship

Forget about the assembled model that may waste your time; our wooden model ship, the tank, will be the best gift for your friend's new home. These vintage historical models will be the perfect item for the living room or office.

Bring some natural and unique gifts to your friends and families that surprise them with these fantastic vintage gifts. We are sure that all of our handmade products will be perfect options that bring your wish to your lovers. It'll appreciate the receiver with these unique personalized gifts. 

We strive to satisfy the person who takes the gift.


 Why buy a general gift when you can personalize your own? 

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